Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day and Evening!

Tracking Your Water with 95210

Members simply select the number of cups from 1-13 that they have consumed over a 24-hour period. A member's daily totals may be edited for up to 7 days. The number of cups one should drink is dependent upon several factors; thirst, gender, activity, temperature, etc.

How much water is enough?

This varies from person to person day to day depending on body size, activity level and food choices (example: fruit contains more water than bread). Listen to body cues for thirst, but drink plenty of water during the day until you get more in tune with your body. To assess hydration status- the color of urine should be more clear than yellow.

Cup Sizes: 8oz for adults and 6oz for children equals one "cup" of water for general tracking purposes.

Tips to increase water intake:

Lime slices
Lemon slices
Orange slices
Mango slices
Mint leaves
Cucumber slices

Trying to drink less soda and more water? Try seltzer water for the carbonation (just make sure to get with no sodium or sweeteners)

Unless doing a vigorous workout for more than an hour, drinks/ foods containing electrolytes (such as sports drinks) are NOT needed …stick to the water!

Nothing satisfies thirst like water!

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