Zero Tobacco Exposure for a Healthier Life!

The Hidden Cost of Tobacco
By Heather Fuselier, Certified Wellness Coach

We all know that smoking is bad for us. From causing numerous cancers and tumors to deteriorating the health of those around us, smoking is one habit that has no future. That’s why 95210 encourages complete abstinence from tobacco products, especially around children.

But there are more dangers to tobacco than we know. Studies have found that smokers earn between 4% to 11% less money than their non-smoking counterparts. And, it has been estimated that smoking one pack of cigarettes a day for a year results in the loss of about 55 days of life.

The book The Price of Smoking calculates that the lifetime cost of smoking has reached $171,000, including both private costs to the smoker and costs imposed on others, bringing the cost per pack over a lifetime of smoking to almost $40.00.

Factors in this total include:

• $33/pack for the cost of early deaths, smoking related disabilities, and other factors,

• $5.44/pack for the cost of the effect of second-hand smoke on significant others,

• $1.44/pack for the cost of the effect of second-hand smoke on the society as a whole.

Tobacco use is becoming less common as we learn more about the direct negative health effects of the habit. If you currently smoke, take advantage of local resources to help you quit. If your children start experimenting with tobacco, set a clear example and expectation for your family’s health by educating them about the risks, and staying healthy together.