School Wellness Programs

A Wellness Program for all Employees, Students, and Families

Your school district will have access to a variety of behavioral health and volunteer data that employees and students may easily track on a daily or recurring basis. This data can be used by the district to help promote healthier living and volunteer attitudes and trends. Each individual school's sub admin wil also be able to 1) access local reports from their school, 2) customize their admin features, and 3) write local messages for teachers, students, and families from their school.

We are available to answer any questions and support both admins and members between 8:00am and 8:00pm EST.  There are also instructional videos and "Learn More" features throughout the website for both members and admins.

My95210 Health offers a unique opportunity to not only manage a school by school wellness program, but the ability to reach out to families at any time and promote health and nutrition to parents and other family members of your students.

The overall school district admin may at any time:

  1. customize the group’s tracking features,
  2. add member messages (blog),
  3. customize email messages,
  4. create/edit overall group and sub-group wellness challenges,
  5. download CSV reports or review online reports,
  6. create/edit rewards and drawings,
  7. create daily/weekly/monthly tasks for members to complete, and
  8. review volunteer data and promote volunteer opportunities.

Members may track their sleep (9), fruits & veggies (5), screen time (2), physical activity (1), sodas or sugary drinks (0), tobacco exposure (0), walking steps, water, weight change, tasks, compete in group, team, and member-to-member buddy challenges, write in their daily health, gratitude, and volunteer journals, and sync to their FitBit or Jawbone accounts.


1) $250 yearly fee: Provides a fully customizable and brandable group account for all district employees, students, and family members. This fee provides the school district admin the opportunity to customize all features of their group, including branding, tracking, tasks, quizzes, rewards, and especially reporting. An overall admin controls the entire group, but each sub-group (school) may also have a sub-admin to manage much of their own sub-group. Separate sub-groups can be created for schools, employees, students, and family, how ever the admin would like to create them.

2) $99 yearly fee: Provides for a private group as part of the general group my95210 with some customization. It does include limited online reporting and a blog (admin messages to members). This is essentially a turn-key group meant for a smaller number of people interested in private health tracking and wellness challenges. All of the same member services mentioned above are available as with the $99 fee program.

3) Free Individual Account: Anyone may join our my95210 group and track various aspects of their health in private or with family and friends. If there is no available budget for a wellness program, schools could encourage staff and/or students to register for free and use the 95210 service to improve their health and compete with others in our various monthly challenges!

With any of these three options each member has the opportunity to create a personal group. Teachers or other employees may create their own "school or classroom groups" and invite employees or students to join and share limited data (unless the member selects to be anonymous or have their data hidden), i.e. fruits and veggie consumption, walking steps, exercise minutes, and cups of water intake.


For students in Elementary Schools we have a printable Kids Weekly Health Chart that either teachers or parents may use in class or at home to encourage younger children to track and learn healthy nutrition and activity habits.