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We're available to answer your questions by email or phone at any time and would enjoy the opportunity to provide a demonstration of both our member and admin pages at your convenience.

95210 is more than a "one-size-fits-all wellness solution". We enable each client to offer a varied and unique set of services per group, and each member may customize their own account with unique personal tracking features.

We add features and functionality to the website on a weekly basis that clients may turn on or off at any time. We also develop custom features or make edits to features when requested so that each client's wellness program is a success.

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Administrative and Member Services

Administrative Benefits

1) Admins may customize the entire 95210 program by branding their group's pages with banners and logos, and by turning on or off any specific features of the program, such as sodas, tobacco exposure, or weight at any time.

2) Admins may easily communicate with members via "Admin Messages" displayed on the member dashboard (main member page) and update members at any time. This feature enables admins to stay well connected with members who are participating with their wellness program.

3) Admins may schedule a wellness challenge for any period of time based on 1) Miles, 2) exercise minutes, 3) fruits & veggies, 4) overall points, 5) walking steps, 6) water intake, or 7) percentage of weight change, and set bonus points for 1st through 10th place. An email may be sent to all registered members inviting them to participate in the challenge with an article on how to improve their numbers.

4) Admins may create custom one-time, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily Tasks for members to complete and to encourage healthy behaviors, such as taking an HRA, getting a flu shot, attending lunch & learns, reading nutrition labels, joining a gym, and much more.

5) CSV and online reports provide admins with data on each participating member pertaining to their daily total exercise minutes, fruits and vegetables intake, planking, walking steps, water intake, and percentage of weight loss, including member's monthly points and monthly entries (participation).

6) Admins may delete members at any time.

Member Benefits

1) The 95210 Health Tracker engages members in managing their health by encouraging them to set daily and monthly goals and track one or more of their daily achievements from the following benchmarks:

2) Members may keep a daily health and food journal to write down the steps that they are taking to achieve their health, fitness, and nutritional goals, and to track their daily food consumption and calories (optional).

3) Each tenet of the 95210 wellness initiative has a dedicated web page providing additional information, such as links to health articles and videos, educating members on the benefits of each healthy behavior.

4) Members may communicate with other members of their group and team via group and team message boards for encouragement, accolades, and team strategy during challenges!

5) Family members may create accounts at no charge, if supported and encouraged by the company. Its a great idea to encourage family members to participate in a group wellness program so that the entire family may learn to be healthier together.

6) Team Captains may select one of six different internal monthly team competitions; 1) Physical Activity, 2) Fruits, 3) Sleep, 4) Sodas, 5) Steps, and 6) Water (or No Challenge). Members will be ranked 1st through 10th depending on how many members are on a team. As members track their numbers, they move up or down the team rankings throughout the month. At the end of the month, the competition resets and the team captain may select the same or a different competition for team members.

7) Members may set to receive daily "notifications" by web and/or by email on features that they are tracking.

8) Members may add photos to their health, gratitude, and volunteer journal entries and display them publically on their member homepages for members of their group to view and comment upon, or choose to keep them private.

9) Members may now provide feedback and ratings on the group's wellness program. This form enables members to suggest modifications and new features, and discuss concerns about either the program or platform.

10) Members may now create a personal "Workout Calendar", enabling members to add various exercises to specific days of the week so that they may track certain exercises either daily or several times per week. Members track sets, reps, weight, and time.

11) Member Badges for Competitions, Quiz Points, and Volunteer Hours are now displayed on the group member page and member homepages. New!

Optional Services

Online Coaching

Our (optional) online coaching feature allows members to request and individually pay for (when not provided by benefits) various services offered by certified coaches to increase their physical activity, improve their nutrition and healthy habits, and enhance their overall health and wellbeing. Each Admin may request that the coaching feature be enabled for their group's members, and the Admin will have the opportunity to select one or more coaches that may be viewed and chosen by members. If a group has their own certified coaches registered with 95210, then the Admin may select only those particular coaches or any coach available through the service.

Members will be required to pay for their own coaching fees for services by their selected coach. Team Wellness Challenge, Inc. does not accept payments via the 95210 website; therefore all payments by members to coaches will be processed through a third party payment service such as PayPal.

Adding Rewards and Incentives

Our (optional) Rewards feature provides an opportunity for members to spend their earned points on immediate rewards or participate in drawings for rewards at any time. Admins may add any number of rewards (gift cards, time off, bluejeans days, parking spots, vacations, etc.) into the system quickly and easily to incentivize their wellness program and encourage members to be healthy and more productive at work.

Our rewards program can also easily incentivize a company's monthly or yearly employee performance evaluations by awarding "Administrative Bonus Points" to employees for productivity, good attendance, team work, etc., allowing employees to spend their bonus points at any time on rewards created by the Admin.

Volunteer Tracking

Our volunteer tracking journal allows members to keep track of the organizations where they have volunteered, their volunteer role, their hours, and a description of their experience while volunteering. All of this information may be utilized by the admin to track volunteering within their own company, the number of employees volunteering in their local community, and the total number of hours employees spend volunteering on a weekly and monthly basis. The group admin has complete control over "reward points" (or no points) allotted for each volunteer-hour tracked by employees. The volunteer journal feature may also be used to recognize a "Volunteer of the Month", "Volunteer of the Year", or other volunteer-based accolade.

Fees for Branded & Customizable Program

Yearly Program Fee - $300

Clients with fewer than 100 employees only pay the $300 per year fee. (Family members are free and we encourage all clients to include family members with their wellness program.) If you have a large group of employees, please call us for a quote. Clients interested in using 95210 for a community-wide wellness initiative pay a minimum yearly fee ... We can fit within your budget!

Please contact us through our online form or call us directly at (850) 274-6225 if you would like to schedule a time for a demonstration of our member and administrative tracking features.

"Joining the 95210 tracking system is the best investment I have made for the wellness program at our hospital, Enloe Medical Center. James and Andrew created an easy to use, colorful, and simple system, which allows employees and family members to keep track of their wellness habits from anywhere. 95210 is always improving and increasing the program’s usefulness for our staff".
-- Jessee Naylor, Admin for Enloe Medical Center

Fees for Small Groups

A fee of only $99 per year per 100 members (limited time offer now for only $49) for a small private group, and 2-10 members per team

Small groups (friends, family, colleagues) will love this team-based program that offers all of our personalized tracking services at an inexpensive price! Individual members earn points for being physically active (walking, running, biking, etc.), getting more sleep, eating more fruits & veggies, staying hydrated and more!

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