Small Private Group Registration

Small groups worldwide will enjoy participating privately in our easy to use team-oriented wellness program that offers all of our personalized tracking services and competitions for an inexpensive small group price!

Admins may write blog-style messages for their members to read or receive by email, and pin special notices to members to the top of their group's message board. Admins may also review limited member data and completed tasks online.

Each group receives a unique access code to provide for a private member registration process. All data tracked by the group's members, if selected to be public, may only be seen by other members of the private group.

If your organization is looking to incorporate an inexpensive and easy wellness solution into your culture, or you’re interested in developing a community-wide wellness program, our my95210 small group feature will meet your needs and much more!

Only $99 per year for up to 500 members

After receiving payment we will email the admin with the group's private access code, and the group may begin to register members. Simply type in your group's desired name and your name, and pay the $99 fee via PayPal (no PayPal account necessary).

Click here to create a free member account with the my95210 group at any time to review the platform.