WHIP (Wellness, Health, Intellectual Pursuit, Physical Fitness)

Welcome to the new Lethbridge School District No. 51 Health and Wellness page.

WHIP! Participate in the program by taking care of you!
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We are excited to have you as a participant in our Wellness Health Incentive Program (WHIP).

The WHIP Program with 95210 is voluntary and is available for your advantage.

  • Participants are asked to respect themselves and others or risk expulsion from the program and its benefits.
  • Personal results such as weight loss are displayed as a percent and not in lbs., and are available for public viewing at your discretion.
  • Participants are able to back track information up to seven days, after which data is not available for updating.
  • Please consult with your physician or fitness professional before beginning a new fitness program or nutrition plan.
  • By using the program, you are allowing Lethbridge School District No. 51 and 95210 to view and access your participation.

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