Health Journal

Why You Should Consider Starting A Health Journal

Looking to boost your health level? If you've already started on a fitness and workout plan, one of the top things that you should consider doing at this point is starting a health journal.

Many people overlook the power of health journaling – or some don’t understand what it is, and thus, fail to reap the potential benefits it provides.

What if I told you there was a very easy way to ensure that you were constantly motivated?

And, what if there was a method that you could nearly guarantee your success?

There is. This is what health journaling can do.

Let’s look at what this is, how it’s beneficial, and why you should start.

What Is Health Journaling?

Health journaling is the act of writing down the various steps you are taking to achieve your health and fitness goals.

You can do this for both the nutrition as well as the exercise realm. On the nutritional front, you’ll simply write down all the foods you are eating on a day to day basis along with the times you ate them, how much you ate, and how you felt as you did so. Did the meal make you feel energized? Or were you left feeling sleepy?

Write down as much information as possible.

On the exercise side of things, you’ll also want to track the type of exercise you did, how long it was done for, along with any other specifics (sets, reps, weight lifted, rest taken, and so forth). You’ll also want to note the time of day the workout was done and if there were any other factors that may have influenced your performance. This might include your sleep status or any potential stressors you were experiencing.

Get this information down on paper after each workout you do.

Why Journal?

So now that you know what journaling is, why do it?

First, it provides you with a very clear reference as to what you were doing each day during the plan. This way, you can look back over time and see the progress you’ve made. This in itself is highly motivating. If you note that you are now lifting 10 pounds more on a certain exercise than you were before, this is clear illustration you are progressing.

Second, it also gives you data of how your body is responding to a certain protocol. If you are losing weight great for instance, now you have a record of exactly what you did to see these kinds of results. In the future, you can refer back to this. Likewise with the workout program.

Finally, it also helps keep you adhering to your plan. When you know you have to journal about eating that slice of cake, you might just think twice before doing so.

This can be highly motivating in its’ own right and help you see better success simply because of it.

So as you can see, journaling is a very powerful tool that you would be well advised to make use of. Are you overlooking it? It only takes a few minutes per day but is well worth it if you are interested in seeing optimal success.