Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not listed below, please contact us and we'll do our best to answer them for you!

How do I begin using 95210?

Members may begin tracking one or more features at a time and setting daily goals to improve their overal health and daily healthy habits!  Daily tasks may also be easily tracked to begin developing healthier habits over 30 - 60 days, such as 1) Starting and finishing your day with a cup of water, 2) Getting up and moving or stretching every 55 minutes for 5 minutes, and 3) Eating a daily salad.  Get acquainted with the website one feature at a time, and eventually you’ll track more features and set additional goals to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

For instance, begin tracking your servings of fruits and veggies that you eat each day by clicking the icons on the fruits and veggies page.  Increase your servings each day by 1) selecting "Set Your Goal" and typing in the number of servings of fruits and veggies you would like to reach each day (5-7 is best), and 2) setting a daily web and/or email notification to remind yourself to track your servings. (Read more about earning points)

Once you begin tracking various features, you will see a monthly graph for each feature on your Dashboard (click the "home" icon on the blue bar for your Dashboard), and you'll see how well you are meeting your daily goals for each feature you're tracking. For more information, please read the FAQs below, and contact us at any time if you have any questions or need assistance!

Monthly Team Walking and Fruits & Veggies Challenges

Step It Up! and reach 10k Steps a Day Challenge
Add more steps to your day with friends and family, and participate in our monthly steps challenge! Set your own personal goal for daily steps and feel the benefits of walking every day for a healthier life.  Earn special badges and form teams to compete against co-workers and family.

Eat 10 Fruits and Veggies a Day Challenge
Add healthier eating habits to your day and eat more fruits and veggies while participating in our monthly fruits and veggies challenge! Set your own personal daily goal for eating more fruits and vegetables and increase your daily nutrients. New research is showing that (10) fruits and veggies should be everyone's optimum daily goal. To encourage members to reach this lofty goal we've created a special monthly leaderboard with fun 10-a-Day and personal goal badges!

Individual members are automatically displayed on the leaderboards only when they track any fruits & veggies and/or walking steps for the current month. To be removed from either leaderboard, simply go to My Account, Edit Profile, and select the check box(s) for Fruits & Veggies and/or Walking Steps under Privacy Management, and click Update Privacy.

The 1) walking and 2) fruits & veggies leaderboards display both the top ten teams of the group and all individual members by the total number of fruits & veggies or steps. There are a special series of badges for members who track ten or more fruits & veggies per day or walk 10,000 steps per day, and trophy badges for the winning teams each month to be displayed on those team's homepages for 30 days following the previous monthly win.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register into my company's wellness program?

If you are joining your company's wellness program, type in your group's registration web address i.e., select a Group from the drop-down list, type in the access code if required, and fill out any additional fields. Please contact your human resources department or wellness coordinator if you have any questions about registering with your group.

Q. How do I track?

A. Once logged in, the top menu of buttons such as Sleep, Fruits & Veggies, etc. link directly to the tracking pages for each feature, and the blue bar icons links directly to various member and group features.

To increase your numbers for any feature during a 24 hour period, especially as members eat more fruits and vegetables, or participate in more physical activity throughout the day, simply return to the site and increase the number or minutes for the particular feature. Members who have created sub-accounts for family members (see "How do I add family members or create a family group?" below) may log the family member's numbers throughout the day as well as their own.

Q. How do I track my weight?

A. Members may easily track their weight over time by typing in their starting (initial) weight, and then updating current weight on a daily, weekly, or periodic basis by typing in a new (current) weight in the same field and clicking "Update". Points are earned by adding a weight that is lower than their initial or previously lowest weight by a minimum of one pound. There is no penalty for increasing weight, but members only earn points for a reduction in weight.

Members earn 5 points per pound lost.

Members who are part of a Weight Challenge (when that particular challenge has been selected by the admin) have their percentage weight change displayed on the Leaderboard after their Initial weight and a Current weight (sepatare days) have been added and a percentage of weight change can be determined. Only the member sees their actual weight.

Q. How often do I need to track?

A. Every day! You have until 11:59 p.m. EDT each day to log your numbers and then a new day of health begins! All updates over a 24 hour period are designated as one "entry". Members may go back up to 30 days (depending on the selection of time made by the group admin) and track their numbers in most features; however, when participating in a wellness challenge, numbers updated after the challenge ends will not be counted in the challenge.

Q. Who sees my information?

A. If you are registered as an individual member, then other members may only see some of your data if you join a personal group. If you are registered into a company or organization group, members may view each other's monthly totals and data for: a) cups of water, b) exercise minutes, c) fruits and vegetables, d) monthly points, e) percentage of weight change*, f) walking steps, and g) number of days tobacco-free**. This data is also provided to group Admins so that they may evaluate and improve their wellness program and encourage participating individuals to be healthier over time.

Members who do not want other members to see their data may select "I wish to be an Anonymous Member" on their Profile page, and this will remove their name and data from the group page.

Data not shared with the group admins, and only seen by members are: a) hours of sleep, b) screentime, c) sodas and sugary drinks, d) multivitamins and supplements, e) weightlifting, and f) actual weight, g) health journal entries (unless made public by the member), and h) gratitude journal entries.

* The percentage of weight change (not the member's actual weight) is displayed on a challenge Leaderboard only when a group admin has created a weight-loss challenge.

** The number of days being tobacco-free is displayed on a challenge Leaderboard only when a group admin has created a tobacco-free challenge.

Q. How do I earn points?

A. Achieve the specific 9 5 2 1 0 goals and earn approximately one or more points for each tenet.

View all point values here.

Members may also earn additional points by tracking their daily water intake, and multivitamins and supplements. Earn a quarter point per glass of water (up to 4 glasses per day for point values), 1 point per day for taking a multivitamin, and a quarter point for each supplement you take up to 4 supplements.

Q. How may a company or organization use the 95210 tracking system as a wellness program?

There are several ways in which Clients may use the 95210 website to improve employee health, productivity, and morale. Group admins may: 1) create and easily manage various wellness challenges for a specified period of time, 2) create custom one-time, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily Tasks for employees to complete to develop healthier habits, 3) award employees for productivity, performance evaluations, and attendance by offering admin bonus points, and 4) allow members to spend their earned health and bonus points on immediate rewards and drawings for rewards!

Group admins may create wellness challenges with a custom (one week, one month, or over a longer period of time) start date and end date for cups of water, exercise minutes, fruits & veggies, planking, total points, walking steps, and weight loss. We encourage all clients to start with an easy walking steps or fruits & veggies challenge over the period of a month to establish healthy habits and allow employees to become familiar with the 95210 website over several initial weeks. Additional monthly challenges may then be created to help employees learn about the 95210 website one feature at a time, eventually building up to a “Total Points” challenge.

Our rewards feature allows group admins to create any number of immediate rewards and drawing rewards to encourage employees to track their health over time and spend their earned points on rewards that they would like to receive. Rewards do not have to be strictly monetary or gift cards, but may include: 1) casual days, 2) parking spots, 3) free coffee, 4) hours off from work, 5) extra vacation time, 6) extra lunch time, 7) ergonomic chairs, and more!

Read more on our Partner page!

Please contact us if you are interested in a demonstration of the 95210 wellness program or if you have any further questions.

Q. How do I add family members to my account?

A. Current members may easily add any number of family members (young children, spouses, etc.) directly to their own account, or ask each family member to join and participate as an individual "family" member (if the client allows this in their wellness program).

A. To add a family member to your account, simply login, click on the grey button for "Family" and you'll be asked to provide 1) a first name, 2) a last name (optional), 3) an age, and 4) a gender. Click "Add Family Member" to add the family member to your account. Family members added this way are tracked by the original member, which is perfect for parents with young children!

Children 12 years or older may register themselves as individuals and and track their own 95210 numbers.

For those with small children 4-11 years, we also offer a printed paper journal that can be placed on a refrigerator for kids to easily track their daily 95210 numbers on paper, and we've added stars that they or their parents may color in to show that the child has met one or more goals!

Q. How do I edit my current information such as email address, password, etc?

A. After logging into the website, click "Edit Profile" from the drop-down on the right side of the blue bar. All personal information including a member's login and password may be edited at any time. To update your information, you must retype your password into the "password" and "confirm password" fields.

Q. How do I enter into my group's Gift Card drawings and immediate rewards?

A. As you track your health and 95210 tenets each day, you earn points that accumulate and may be used to enter into gift card drawings. Once you have earned enough points, such as 50 points for a $10 gift card, a green "Apply Now" button will appear above the gift card you may click to add your name to the drawing. If you accumulate enough points, you'll be able to enter into higher value gift cards.

When entering into a particular gift card drawing, your overall total points is reduced by the number of points it takes to enter into a drawing. For instance, if you had 125 available points, you would be able to register for (2) $10 gift cards at 50 points apiece, by spending a total of 100 points, or you would be able to register for (1) $25 gift card at 125 points, by spending all of your available points. Or you could hold onto your points and accumulate more points in the future to be able to enter into a higher gift card drawing.

Q. How do I create or join a "team"?

Members may choose to 1) create their own team and participate as a "team captain", 2) join a team and participate as a "team member", or 3) leave an existing team at any time. To create or join a team, click "My Account" on the blue bar, and then "My Team" at

A team may be Public or Private. If the Team Owner/Captain selected "Private" and added an Access Code when creating or editing the team, then only members with the Access Code may request to join the team.

The Team Homepage

a) Team captains may: 1) approve (or delete) members on their team, 2) select a monthly team competition, 3) moderate the team's message board, and 4) manage the team info by adding a "Team Goal", and choosing to separate the "Team Owner" and "Team Captain" team aadmins. Both are admins for the team and may manage the team's features and approve or delete members. The team captain will receive an email when a member has made a request to join the team and may either: 1) approve or 2) disapprove the member from joining the team.

b) To select a monthly (internal) team competition the team captain simply selects one of the available features to track and clicks "Update". All team members would now automatically be in the team competition if they are tracking the selected feature, i.e. fruits & veggies. The team member who has tracked the most fruits & veggies during the month is in first place with first through tenth places available to fill.

c) The "Team Comment Board" is a private message board for the team's members only. The team captain is the moderator of the message board and may delete or reply to a comment (as the team captain) at any time. All members may type in a comment or reply to another comment at any time also.

Q. How do I challenge other members in a "Buddy Challenge"?

A. Members may challenge other members within the same group to individual vs. individual 10-day challenges by clicking on "Challenges" on the gray member bar, clicking "Create Challenge", and then selecting the type of challenge, selecting the opposing member to be challenged, and typing in a number of points as the prize.

Any number of challenges may be created for any number of members within the same group. The types of challenges that may be currently created are 1) exercise minutes, 2) fruits and vegetables, 3) planking, 4) walking, and 5) water.

The points that the challenger selects may be from 0 to the total number of points available to that member (total points); however, the member who wins the challenge "takes" the points as a prize from the loser of the challenge! Challenges with fewer points will likely be accepted by the member challenged versus a challenge being denied due to a large number of points.

After the challenger clicks "Create Challenge", an email is sent to the member challenged to announce the challenge and provides a link back to the 95210 website for the challenged member to 1) accept, 2) deny, or 3) block more challenges from the challenger. Once accepted, both members receive an email with the "official" start time of the challenge! Challenges always begin on the following day of the accepting challenge at midnight EDT.

Q. Connect to your FitBit or Jawbone accounts!

A. Members may easily connect their FitBit or Jawbone account to their 95210 account by clicking the 95210 member "My Account" drop-down and then "FitBit/Jawbone Sync". Choose the device to sync with and simply type in your FitBit or Jawbone account information into the form.

Currently we sync for "walking steps only" for both FitBit and Jawbone.

If you are having issues connecting or maintaining a connection between 95210 and FitBit, please follow these instructions for fixing the issue:

1) As the first step, we recommend that members verify that they have set their FitBit permissions to allow "Anyone" to see their "Average Daily Step Count" in their FitBit Privacy settings.

2) If that doesn't work, then login to FitBit at, find our app (Team Wellness Challenge) and manually Revoke Access. Then come back to and reconnect the two accounts again.

Currently, we query FitBit as follows (EST time):

8:00am and every hour from 12-10pm - walking steps for today
every hour from 0-11am and at 9pm - walking steps for yesterday
11:00pm - all accounts for today
12:00pm - all accounts for yesterday
7:50am - all accounts for 3 days ago
5:15pm - all accounts for 7 days ago

Q. How do I customize my exercise, fruits, and veggie displays?

A. Members may now fully customize their display of both exercise icons and fruits, veggies, and nuts icons that they would like to view on their respective pages. Click the round customize button on the member grey bar, and then select which icons to display. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the Customize page to save your selections. Members may select or unselect these icons at any time to display their favorite exercises or fruits, veggies, and nuts.

Q. How do I track my food consumption?

A. To begin tracking your food and drink consumption and calories, click on "Journals" on your member blue bar, select "My Health Journal", and then "Create a New Record".

The health journal record and food item fields are designed to be used together, one describing your daily experiences and health achievements, and the other tracking your food consumed for the day.

Members are required to type in a minimum of 10 characters into the health journal record field, a description into the Food Item field, and select a time when the food item was consumed. A 24-hour time clock is used to track time, i.e. 24:00 (12:00am), 21:00 (9:00pm), 18:00 (6:00pm), 15:00 (3:00pm), 12:00 (12:00pm), and 9:00 (9:00am).

The Calories field is an "optional" field and may be used to track the calories of the food item. If calories are tracked and if the member has set a daily calorie goal on the health journal homepage, then the total calories shown above the food items tracked will be green or red depending on if the member goes over their calories goal.

To add each food item simply click the "Add Food Item" button for a new line of fields and then "Create Record" to add the data. Members may delete a line of data at any time by clicking "Delete". To edit food item data, simply click the edit button (pen) for the specific daily health journal date found on the health journal homepage. Journal entries and food items may be edited at any time.

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Past Updates:

For easier navigation on the desktop website, we've added the following links under the "Group" drop-down: My Program Group, My Personal Groups, and My Team. We've also added a button on the My Program Group page for the "Buddy Challenges" and will be adding commenting on each member vs member challenge (coming soon!).

Images may now be displayed with each "Task" added by group admins, and members now see a new graph when they track a "daily" task to help them remember to complete a specific task or build a new healthy habit! Visit the tasks page to see the new updates.

All Journal Posts selected as "Public" are now displayed on the Members List page per each group at (must be logged in to view). The journal posts are from members who have written in their health, gratitude, or volunteer journals and have made their posts "public" so that other members of their group may read and interact with them. Members may click a "heart" to like a post, which gives a 1/4 point to the member who wrote it, and may also comment or reply to previous comments made to the post. Members may edit their journal posts simply by clicking the button depicted as a blue pen at the beginning of the text. To edit comments to a post, simply click within the text, edit or add text, and then click the "OK" button to Save the updated text. Members also receive a full point for simply writing in their health and gratitude journals, regardless if they make the posts private or public. For more information, visit your health journal and gratitude journal and read the "Learn More" articles to begin writing your own journals!

Read more

Announcing our new personalized Daily and Weekly Workout Calendar! An easy way for members to view, manage, write notes, and track their daily workouts ... whether in the gym or outside! To view online, using the desktop website, click "Tracking" and then "My Workout Calendar", or using the mobile website touch the "Workout" icon on the dashboard.

1) The main feature is our Weekly Calendar that automatically displays the current day's workout and list of exercises to track (as selected by the member). Each daily button may be selected to review or track previous day's exercises.
2) To manage or build a workout for any of the day's of the week, click the Configure Workout Week button and add a) one activity and b) one day at a time to build each day's workout.
3) Leave notes for both the particular day and for each individual exercise. To write a note for an exercise, click "Show Notes", write your message, and then click Save or Update.

All exercises have up to 4 sets with fields for reps, weight, and "time", which allows members to track their workout time to be counted in an "Exercise Minutes" challenge. A graph with each exercise displays the number of "reps" achieved per day over a period of a month, and the exercise title may be selected to view and edit an entire month's worth of data! We currently have about 37 exercises listed in the workout calendar for members to choose from; however, members may suggest exercises at any time via our contact form and we'll review and add them to our exercise drop-down list.

Members may now post photos or images with their health, gratitude, and volunteer journal entries. As with other social media, 95210 members may now describe their healthy achievements to friends, family, and colleagues with the use of photos and graphics. To add a photo, simply go to the health journal or gratitiude journal and click the blue button to "Add a new Entry". The image upload field below the comment field can be used with either a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. Members of the same group may 1) view member's comments and photos through their homepage, 2) click a red heart to signify encouragement and support (giving a 1/4 point to the member for either a health or gratitude post), and 3) reply to other member comments.


Members may now set to receive "Notifications" by web or email on features that they are tracking. For instance, click on "Sleep" and you'll notice the Notifications button next to the Set a Goal button. The notifications page allows you to simply select whether to receive web and/or email notifications. By selecting Web, you'll notice a new blue bar at the top of the page (you may need to refresh the page) and a green button to Show or Hide all of the active notifications you set. An active web and/or email notification means you haven't tracked the feature yet. By selecting Email, you will receive one email per day with any active notifications that you have yet to track. All email notifications are sent out at 7:00pm ET. To manage all of your notifications, click the gear at the top-right of the website, and the notification's homepage will display all web and email notifications that have been set. You may currently delete notifications from this page only.


We added three new categories, "Morning", "Afternoon", and "Evening", to the Custom tracking feature that will enable members to tag an item to track at a specific time of day.. If members have already added one or more custom items to the page and would like to place them under one of the new categories, simply click "remove" next to the item, and retype the item name into the field and select the category you would like the item to go under. We hope that these time-of-day categories will enable members to build and track new healthier habits that are important to them!


We added two major features to the site over the weekend; "Miles Challenge" and "Team Challenge". The Miles Challenge allows a group admin to run an "online mileage event", such as a marathon, 10K, 5K or even a "Walk to the Moon" challenge! The Miles Challenge takes running "distance" (miles) and walking "steps" (2,112 steps equals one mile) and combines them for a member's "miles". We may look into adding an optional way to display "percentage of miles completed" versus "1st through X" on the challenge leaderboard. The Team Challenge is strictly for members of each team. It allows a Team Captain to select a specific tracking feature such as physical activity, fruits and veggies, sleep, steps, and water (or no competition), and create an internal team competition of 1st through 10th place between team members. This should be a lot of fun and encourage members of a team to track their health more, and ultimately be healthier for it!


Over the holiday break we simply edited and tweaked a few features for an easier user experience and tracking of data. One of the new tracking features is a simple activity drop-down on the Physical Activity page that allows members to quickly track their selected (customized) activities by time (minutes or seconds depending on the activity selected). To add steps for "walking", members will still need to click on the walking icon (or click "Steps" on the top navigation bar) and add their steps directly to the monthly walking homepage. We tweaked the Blood Sugar/Insulin tracking form and added both "Meal" and "After Meal" drop-down fields, and we also added a paper tracking form to the Paper Journals page for those who would like to track their Blood Sugar/Insulin data by hand. The Health Journal form now has a "Meals" drop-down field and an optional "Carbs" field, just in case members would like to track that data.


We have added Blood Sugar and Insulin tracking to the 95210 Health Tracker to enable members, especially those with diabetes, to track their blood sugar levels over time and the amount of insulin they are taking on a daily basis. The mobile website now has a unique icon in the center of the dashboard for members to review the form and data. The desktop website lists the Blood Sugar and BMI features with the "Tracking" drop-down on the blue member bar. As with the weight data, blood sugar and insulin data are not provided to clients or any third party or sponsor. This has been completely designed for the member's use and information only. We have also added BMI to the Weight page (we simply added height to the weight and followed the equation for BMI). The BMI data is also completely designed for the member's use and information only.


Visit on your smartphone's browser to see the updated 95210 mobile website. We have added a new mobile navigation to the main dashboard (once the member is logged in) that will enable members to quickly find and click on a particular feature, such as the Daily Health Journal (highlighted), My Team, My Groups, Tasks, Quizzes, Challenges, My Journals, Rewards, and Weekly Graphs (highlighted).


We will be adding several new menus and features to the "mobile website" over the next few weeks. This past weekend we added a new tracking menu for the top of the mobile site (once the member is logged in). We're making the top numbers clickable and taking the member directly to their tracking pages for a) Sleep, b) Fruits & Veggies, c) Screentime, d) Exercises, e) Sodas, and f) Water. So with your smartphone, please login to and view the new menu as you track various features. The green and gray numbers on the second row represent "today's values" for each feature. A green number represents having met your personal goal set for that feature, and a gray number represents having not met your goal, or possibly you have no goal set for that particular feature. We will be working over the next several weeks on the mobile site specifically to make it much easier to use, more functional, and faster for tracking all features!


All new exercises have now been reviewed and tested, and are posting correct points and numbers to the database! We have completed adding (33) new exercises within four different categories, and we will be adding Readme info into these exercises over the next week or so to provide additional information about each new exercise.


Members may now leave messages for other teammates on the Team homepage! Team comment boards are managed by the Team Owner/Captain who may delete a comment at any time. We also made a change to the Tasks feature and now display the number of times a member has clicked a particular task. This will help members track their use of their tasks.


1) Members may type into the "Add Comment" field to leave a main message on the board.
2) Members may click the "Reply" icon to post a reply message back to either their own message or another member's main message. At this time, member's cannot reply to a reply, but may write a new main message.
3) Members may edit their own messages simply by clicking on the text, and then the "Ok" button when finished editing. The cursor may be moved around the editing field just by clicking within the field.


We're developing a member messages feature that will provide an opportunity for members to write messages to each other. Currently the feature is only available on member's (public) health journal posts for development and testing, however, we plan to add a messages form to group homepages, team homepages, member homepages, and the group challenge homepage. To leave a message, simply click "Add Comment", type into the text field, and click the "Add Comment" button. To edit a comment, simply click directly on the text, and then click "Ok" when completed. To delete a comment, click the red trash can on the right-side. We also created a "Goals and Stats" button to view/hide the goals feature to add a little more space to the tracking pages.


We have added a food tracking feature to the daily health journal that will allow members to track their individual food and drink consumption and calories. Tracking one's food consumption is an extremely useful way of maintaining a healthy diet and will encourage healthier food consumption overall. Click on "Journals", select the "My Health Journal", and "Create a New Record" to begin posting your food items and consuming healthier foods!


We added a message field to the Buddy Challenge form to allow the challenger to write a message to the member receiving the buddy challenge. Our new volunteer tracking (optional) feature allows members to keep track of the organizations where they have volunteered, their volunteer role, their hours, and a description of their experience while volunteering.


We have created a whole new feature for members to be able to "recognize" each other's productivity and good works via a peer-to-peer recognition program. It must be turned on by the admin of each group, but if available, members may select a reason, one or more values, and write a description of why they are recognizing the other member. These recognitions provide points (determined by the admin of the group) to both the member being recognized and also to the member recognizing the other member. Additional recognition may be available if the admin selects to introduce "Nominations" for recognition by management such as "Employee of the Month/Year". Additional edits include a new link to the points page on the member's blue bar for easier reference.


We have added a "Points Today" page that shows how all points were earned "today"! To see what points you have earned today, click the "Details" link on your dashboard to the right of the points data. If you see a mistake with your points, please let us know as we continue to test this new page. We have also added additional ways in which members may earn some bonus points simply by adding either a daily health journal entry or daily gratitude journal entry. Also by clicking a little "heart" (as a like) on another member's public health journal post, members may "give" a point to that member. And by clicking the "Got it" button on each new admin message, members receive a quarter point.


We have added two new features for members this weekend; a Daily Health Journal and a Daily Gratitude Journal. Both are PRIVATE journals, but members may choose to display the "health journal" entries on their member homepage and make them public at any time.

The Daily Health Journal enables members to write about their daily health, fitness, and nutritional achievements, and either post them for their personal use on their private health journal or allow them to be posted to their "homepage" for other members from their group to read and eventually "Like" them (feature coming soon!). Members will automatically receive (1) point for writing in their daily health journal.

The Daily Gratitude Journal enables members to write and remember their daily gratitudes. These entries are strictly private.

All journal entries may be edited and/or deleted at any time, and are part of the member account. Admins will not be able to remove or view these two particular features, unless in the case of the health entries, the member has made the entries "public" on their homepage.


Members may now select more than one of the same fruits & veggies simply by clicking the fruit or vegetable icon more than once. To remove the selections, click the little trash can.

Admin messages on the member Dashboard may now be hidden simply by clicking "Got it!" and the message will be removed from the page. To see all prior messages, click "Show All" to the right of the title.


We have added a Weightlifting form with sections for tracking Core, Upper Body, and Lower Body exercises. Each exercise is made up of 1 to 4 sets with a reps and weight field for each set. It's a very easy tracking form that we'll build upon over the next few months to add monthly graphs to each exercise and links to articles and examples for each exercise.  To add weightlifting to your Exercise page, go to your customize page, select weightlifting, and click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the page.

We have also added tracking for nuts, including almonds, black walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia, mixed nuts, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, and walnuts. And points for fruits, vegetables, and nuts have been changed to 1 point for each item tracked with maximum points for fruits and veggies set at 10, and maximum points for nuts at 2.

In an effort to make the site as safe as possible for members who are children, the Profile paragraph for children 14 or younger has been removed. We will be working on more features for parents and families in December and throughout next year.


We have added a "Points Today" page that shows how all points were earned "today"! To see what points you have earned today, click the "Details" link on your dashboard to the right of the points data. If you see a mistake with your points, please let us know as we continue to test this new page. We have also added additional ways in which members may earn some bonus points simply by adding either a daily health journal entry or daily gratitude journal entry. Also by clicking a little "heart" (as a like) on another member's public health journal post, members may "give" a point to that member. And by clicking the "Got it" button on each new admin message, members receive a quarter point.


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