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Tracking Your Physical Activity with 95210

There are multiple ways in which members may customize and track their daily and weekly exercises and other activities with 95210! Members may first personalize their exercises and activities by selecting those they wish to track, and then tracking reps, weight, sets, steps, and other data depending upon the specific activity. There is a "Quick Track Minutes" feature that easily enables members to track their "time" after any of the exercises or activities to reach a 60-minute general daily goal. And 95210 now provides a customizable "Weekly Workout Calendar" that members may use to manage and track their daily and/or weekly weightlifting and other "resistance training" exercises.

Three Great Reasons to be Physically Active Today
By Heather Fuselier, Certified Wellness Coach

Its no secret that physical activity is a fundamental part of living a healthy life. Sometimes finding the time to be active is tough, and we can easily make excuses for why we can’t fit in 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Busy schedules, jobs, kids’ activities, and travel can all be barriers to being more active. So, change your perspective and focus on living an overall more active life instead of seeing physical activity as a chore. When it is hard to get motivated, remember these valuable reasons to get up and get moving.

Physical activity controls weight. Exercise burns calories, and the higher the intensity and longer the duration, the more calories you will burn. When you find ways to be active all day, such as taking walk breaks or squeezing in a lunchtime cardio class, you keep your metabolism humming, burning calories all day long. This can help you keep extra pounds at bay as you age.

Physical activity improves overall health. Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression, some cancers, and arthritis are all improved with exercise. Physical activity improves heart health, keeps bones strong, and enhances memory. Lace up your sneakers for a brisk walk each morning or evening and do your body a favor!

Physical activity makes us happier. Whether it is a difficult day at work, a complicated relationship, or a looming difficult conversation, being active can clear our heads and make dealing with those stressful situations a little easier. Jump into a cycling class or do a kickboxing workout when you’re frustrated and feel your anger disappear. Many times, you won’t feel nearly as urgent about your stressors when you leave the gym!

Physical activity doesn't have to happen in the gym, lifting weights, or training for endurance events. You can improve your health with gradual increases in your physical activity, and participate in short, ten-minute bouts of exercise that add up to an hour throughout the day. Focus on being more active overall, and feel your body begin to thank you!

Weightlifting or "Strength Training":

Strength training is more than pumping iron. Building the strength and endurance of your muscles makes it easier to do everyday activities like walking up and down stairs, putting kids into the car, and lifting up the last box of holiday decorations to the top shelf in the garage. Strength training can prevent injuries, improve flexibility, and even boost your metabolism. The best news of all is that a total-body workout can be done in as little as twenty minutes. Whether you hit the gym, use free weights in your garage, or pack resistance bands in your suitcase when you travel, strength training is a win-win situation.

The Best Workouts at Work:

You'll find some of the best workplace 2-5 minute workouts and stretching routines on the following pages!

One of the Best Forms of Physical Activity is Walking:

There are many ways to burn calories during the day, even when you are unable to get your workout in. Doing little things throughout the day can really add up to a significant calorie burn. An extra 20-30 minutes of movement spread-out each day can lead to a 10 lb. weight-loss over a year! You may be familiar with some of these tips, but in order for them to be beneficial, you have to do them!!!

Make some or all of these a part of your daily routine, and make up some of your own ideas to increase physical activity.

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