Dental Care

my95210 Health, Inc. has added daily tracking for dental health (brushing and flossing) to both our website and our printable Kids Weekly Health Chart (see image below).

Individuals anywhere may create a free my95210 online account and easily track their 1) morning brushing, 2) evening brushing, and 3) daily flossing.  The Kids Chart is available to download and print for young children to track their brushing and flossing on paper and color in stars for meeting daily and weekly goals set by parents.

Dental Care Tracking for Patients of all Ages

The online dental tracking includes a point system based on one point per brushing twice a day and two points for flossing once a day. The points are totaled over a continual six month period (between dental visits) and may be used by dentists to “reward” their patients for meeting a specific points goal.  Four max points per day X 30 days X 6 months = 720 points.  A simple goal of 500 points could easily be reached by patients between teeth cleaning visits.  If the patient shows a minimum of 500 points on their dental care tracking page via their smartphone, then they could receive a reward ... variable per dental office.

The online dental tracking also has a two-minute timer to encourage members to brush for a full two minutes.

The printable Kids Weekly Health Chart encourages children to brush (x2) and floss daily, and also to get better sleep, eat more fruits and veggies, and to be more physically active! Young children may track all of their numbers and color in stars to signify meeting weekly goals set by their parents and the daily 9-5-2-1-0 goals.  Children could bring in their paper charts with each visit to the dentist office as a means to show diligence in brushing, flossing, and tracking, and rewards could be offered by the dental office according to the number of stars colored in for proper dental health.

Two Ways to Offer Dental Care Tracking to Your Patients

If your dental office would like to offer this tracking service to your patients, and also display a stand with pre-printed kids charts (on 80# card stock, double sided) for parents and their children, please contact us below or call 850-274-6225 for a demo and walkthrough of the online features.

1) We can provide dental offices with a private “Group” for $99 per year, which allows your dental staff to download reports and post/email messages to patients who register with your group, and this fee also covers the printing and mailing of a Kids Health Chart “kit” with 250 charts, or 2) your dental office can simply encourage the use of my95210 as a FREE service to your patients, and when a patient comes in for a teeth cleaning or other dental checkup, the patient may simply show their dental tracking numbers!