Frequently Asked Questions for Coaches

95210 Health Coaching Service:

Coaches may see each client's tracked data including all 9-5-2-1-0 data, weight, blood sugar and insulin data, health journal posts, coaching survey answers, and may communicate with each client separately in a private message board.

Individual health coaches will primarily be coaching their own clients through their own private group; however, health coaches will also have an opportunity to be selected and contracted by any of our corporate clients as a health coach for their employees.

Register as a Coach:

Coaches must have a certification in health, fitness, nutrition, or any combination thereof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a suggested price list for charging clients?

A. No. Various services may be provided at the request of the client and in agreement with the coach. Individual coaches will have unique ways of training their clients, so fees are being left up to each individual coach, depending on their level of services for each client and the coach's time. 95210 does not take payments or offer reinbursements on behalf of coaches. All payments must be made via PayPal and directly from the client to the coach.

Q. How often may I change the Coach's Corner Message?

A. The Coach's Corner messages are displayed at the top of each client's coaching homepage. Each client of a particular coach (and only their clients) will be able to view their Coach's Corner messages, so they may be used in any number of ways, such as a daily health quote, positive reinforcement, announcements, daily health goals, etc.

Q. How do I know that a 95210 member has added me as their coach?

A. We email coaches immediately after a member subscribes themselves to a coach.

Q. Do you ever give the coach's phone number or email address to clients?

A. We developed the message boards for coaches and clients to begin their conversation; however, once the coach feels comfortable with the client, then they may of course share their contact information through the message board.

Q. May I ask clients to keep a health journal and track specific features?

A. Absolutely! Please do ask your clients to track any feature you both agree to, and also to write in their health journals to help improve their own health, and to let you know how they are doing on a daily basis.

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