Batter Up! A Game of Steps


You’re invited to become a member of our new walking game BatterUp! A Game of Steps.  All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and some friends, family, and/or co-workers to join your team!  Simply walk each day for a "Base Hit" and score "Runs" during the week for your team!  Track your steps manually or sync your FitBit or Google Fit Account and compete against other teams for a "Division Pennant".


1) Register to play by selecting any public or private league (private leagues require an access code), adding your email address, password, name, date of birth, and then clicking “Sign Up”.

2) Sync your wearable through My Profile page and select either FitBit or Google Fit. (Steps may be manually entered with restrictions)

3) Create or join a team through My Team and participate in the weekly baseball games with a minimum of 5 team members!

About the Baseball Game




U.S. school districts may participate in their own private league for free.  Simply contact us for more details.





1) New teams that are created or reach a minimum of five players after a game has already begun (Mondays at 3:00am ET) must wait for the following Monday to join the baseball game.

2) Only players in the LineUp may earn hits and runs. Players on the Bench contribute steps ONLY to the team’s weekly Total Steps.

3) Players that join a team already participating in a game are not added to the roster till the following Monday.

4) Players who do not track any steps (0) on a particular day are automatically “Benched” the following day, so log your steps every day before 12:00am ET or sync your wearable!  We’re using the benching process to move players up and down between the lineup and bench to try and get active players into the lineup.  Every Monday players are randomly placed in the lineup or bench when a new game begins.

   Let's Play Ball!


Please support BatterUp! by displaying our Poster

Click on the image below to download our poster and share it with staff, family, and friends in your area.  The more teams the better and we welcome those outside of the US also!


Download BatterUp Flyer