About the 95210 Health Tracker

95210 makes it easy to remember some of the most important steps that employees and their families can take to prevent obesity and chronic diseases. Our health initiative is a company-wide or community-wide strategy for promoting and building positive behavioral health and life-long healthy habits for every employee and family member. With simple health messages behind each number, 9-5-2-1-0 communicates key behaviors that promote healthy weight and overall good health! If your company or organization would like to learn more about how our online and offline (see our printable paper journals) wellness program can benefit your employees and families, please contact us today!

The 95210 Health Tracker was created by Team Wellness Challenge, in partnership with Whole Child Leon located in Tallahassee, Florida, to encourage members to become more aware of the six tenets of "95210: The Whole Picture of Health:" sleep, consumption of fruits and vegetables, recreational screen time, physical activity, sodas and sugary drinks, and tobacco exposure.

Our clients may brand and manage their group pages and information, and may customize what the members may view and track. We do not display advertising on the website or in outgoing emails, and there are no third-party entities who may view or receive member data other than the client.

"Joining the 95210 tracking system is the best investment I have made for the wellness program at our hospital, Enloe Medical Center. James and Andrew created an easy to use, colorful, and simple system, which allows employees and family members to keep track of their wellness habits from anywhere. 95210 is always improving and increasing the program’s usefulness for our staff".
-- Jessee Naylor, Admin for Enloe Medical Center

Team Wellness Challenge Staff

James Chapman, Co-Owner
A native from Panama City Beach, Florida, he studied web design at Tallahassee Community College, and earned a Bachelors degree in History at Florida State University. He has 10 years of web design and maintenance experience as the webmaster for the Florida Division of Parks (2000-2004) and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (2005-2012).

Andrii Gakhov, Co-Owner
Born in Ukraine, he studied applied mathematics and defended his Ph.D. in Mathematical Modeling. He has 12 years of IT experience and 6 years of teaching experience at university. His primary field of interest is web programming, with a focus on back-end services.