Track Your Daily Health & Wellbeing

Helping You Live a Healthier Life

The my95210 Health Tracker is a fully customizable, cost-effective, and rewards-driven wellness platform providing members an opportunity to set daily goals, and track their daily health, nutrition, and wellness that matters the most for a healthier life: (9) sleep, (5) nutrition, (2) screen time(1) physical activity, (0) sodas and sugary drinks, (0) tobacco exposure, walking stepsweight loss, water intake, and member added custom features.

Members, both group and individuals, may a) complete daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to form healthy habits, b) write comments and add photos to their daily health, daily gratitude, and volunteer journals, and c) participate in competitive group, team, and buddy wellness challenges.

Fully Customizable and Turn-Key Wellness Program

Customizable health and wellness features for both administrators and members. We also develop custom features for clients upon request.

Companies or organizations anywhere interested in managing their own wellness program pay only a $500 yearly fee for up to 2000 members. Larger groups please call for a quote and demo.

  • Create, manage, and communicate with multiple or select sub-groups
  • Schedule a variety of wellness challenges for any period of time and multiple subgroups
  • Create custom daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks for members to complete
  • Create drawings and immediate rewards using points to incentivize participation (Reward Store)

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Small Group and Free Individual Accounts

Create a Small Private Group with Member Reporting and a Blog

Click here to create a small group

Small groups anywhere may join my95210 for a fee of only $99 per year, and compete in monthly team-based walking and fruits and veggies challenges. The group owner may review reports, add group messages, and invite co-workers, friends, and/or family members to join and form multiple teams. Individual team captains may also easily create their own internal team competitions and team goals.

Group owners may review online or download monthly CSV reports, and create a simple Blog to communicate with members via the website or by email.

Create a Free Individual Account

Click here to create a free individual membership

Anyone may create a free personal my95210 account and participate in our monthy walking and fruits and veggies challenges! Keep health and gratitude journals, and develop healthier daily habits! Create a private team for family and friends to compete against each other or other teams.

  • Members may track all physical activity by time and/or reps and steps
  • Members may activate web-based or email notifications to be reminded of daily tracking
  • Badges may be earned for Group Competitions

"10 a Day for Life" Fruits and Veggies Challenge!
Each member may set their own personal daily goal for eating fruits and vegetables and in the past we have encouraged members to reach (5) fruits and veggies per day; however, new research is now showing that (10) fruits and veggies should be everyone's optimum daily goal. So to encourage members to reach this lofty goal we've created a special monthly member and team leaderboard with fun 10-a-Day badges!

Step It Up 10k a Day Walking Challenge!
Both teams and individual members from my95210 groups may participate in our year-long walking challenge from January 1 through December 31, 2017, with prizes for the winning teams. "High Stepping" individuals will be announced each month! Tweets  @my95210