My95210 Health

Helping You Live a Healthier Life

The my95210 Health Tracker is a customizable and rewards driven wellness platform providing members and admins an opportunity to set daily goals and tasks, and easily track health, nutrition, and wellbeing that matters the most for a healthier life:

     (7-9) hours of sleep,
     (5-10) fruits & veggies,
     (2) hours or less of recreational screen time,
     (1) hour of physical activity,
     (0) sodas and sugary drinks,

walking stepsweight loss, water intake, dental care, and other member added personalized features.

Members may a) complete daily, weekly, and 30-day tasks to form healthy habits, b) write comments and add photos to their health, gratitude, and volunteer journals, and c) participate in competitive group, team, and buddy wellness challenges.

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Anyone may create a free, personal, and private my95210 wellness account, participate in our monthly challenges, and develop healthier daily habits! Members may easily track a variety of health related features, keep daily health and gratitude journals, create teams for family and friends to compete against each other, and personalize a Buddy (friends) list. There are no advertisements with this program.

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Join BatterUp! A Game of Steps

Participate in our new free Walking Program

BatterUp! A Game of Steps uses a player’s daily ”steps“ as a means to earn hits and runs to play a team-based virtual baseball game. The basic game is free to play with premium features available soon to both players and private leagues.

Every day is an “Inning”, every week is a “Game”, and every 12-weeks is a “Season”.

Players are encouraged to walk a minimum of 5,000 steps a day to earn a “Base Hit” for the Inning; however, if a player walks 4,999 or less steps for a day, then it’s three strikes and they’re “Out”. Four base hits during any four of seven Innings earns the player a “Run” for their team. There are no advertisements with this program. Tweets  @my95210