Track Your Daily Health & Wellbeing

Living a Healthier Life

The 95210 Health Tracker is a customizable, family-centric, cost-effective, and rewards-driven way for employees and families to set goals and track their daily health and wellness that matters the most for a healthier life: sleep, nutrition, screen timephysical activity, sodas and sugary drinks, tobacco exposure, walking stepsweight loss, multivitamins, and water intake. Members may also complete daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Tasks to begin healthier habits, write in their daily health journal and daily gratitude journals, and participate in competitive group and member-to-member wellness challenges.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Our employee recognition feature easily enables members to recognize each other for both "reasons" and "values" customizable by the group admin, and also special nominations, such as "employee of the month" or "employee of the year", "volunteer of the month" or "volunteer of the year", and much more. This feature may be turned on or off by the group admin at any time, and the admin has complete control over points (or no points) allotted for each recognition, value, and winners of higher nominations.

Volunteer Journaling

Our new volunteer journal allows members to keep track of the organizations where they have volunteered, their volunteer role, and their hours. All of this information may be utilized by the client to promote volunteering to more employees, the number of employees volunteering in the local community, and the total number of employee hours spent volunteering on a weekly and monthly basis.

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