Track Your Daily Health and Wellness with 95210!

Company Wellness Programs

95210 Health Tracker

The 95210 Health Tracker is an easy way for employees and families to track their daily health that matters the most: sleep, nutrition, screen timephysical activity, sodas and sugary drinks, tobacco exposure, walking stepsweight loss, multivitamins, and water intake. Members may also track daily, weekly, and monthly Tasks and take health quizzes.

Company Wellness Programs

As more research shows the positive link between worksite wellness and employee productivity and morale, starting a worksite wellness program just makes good business sense. The 95210 Health Tracker is a turn-key, customizable, family-centric, and cost-effective way to encourage your employees and their families to start healthy habits, live a healthier life, and be more engaged and productive at work.

Members may now connect their 95210 account to their Fitbit® and Jawbone® accounts and have their steps, water and sleep data uploaded automatically! Companies may use our group reporting features for company-wide walking and water challenges, and offer employees a choice of tracking either with their Fitbit® and Jawbone Up® devices or manually tracking through 95210.